Do you recognise yourself?

Have you ever had a difficult and unhealthy relationship with food?

Do you regularly turn to food to compensate for overwhelming emotions?

Are you a binge-eater or a compulsive overeater?

Do you feel that you know a lot about nutrition and yet you cannot figure out how to get out of binge-eating habits?

Have you been trying to lighten your load by following countless diets without lasting success?


My name is Estelle Keribin-Connolly.

I am an Emotional Eating Recovery Coach and a Mindfulness Coach and I specialise in working with women with problematic eating issues and stress. It can range from emotional eating, compulsive eating, binge-eating, overeating, weight problems and body image issue.

What is really unique about I do is I empower women to transform their thinking around food using Mind/ Body Nutrition AS WELL AS a system that identifies and reframes your limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Once you tackle the thoughts that are behind the limiting behaviours you have with food, the behaviours can actually CHANGE is the recipe for long-term success and healing for good.

The 5 myths of emotional eating